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XVI Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology 

​ XII Brazilian Symposium on Ethnobiology and Ethnoecology

The rights of indigenous and traditional peoples and the sustainable uses of biodiversity three decades after the Declaration of Belém

HANGAR Convention Center
Belém do Pará - Brazil
August 7 - 10, 2018
Pre-Congress Community Tours: August 4-6
Post-Congress Excursions in Belém: August 11

The XVI Congress of the International Society of Ethnobiology, in conjunction with the XII Brazilian Symposium on Ethnobiology and Ethnoecology, will be held from 7 to 10 August 2018 in Belém do Pará. The event is organized by the Federal University of Pará and the Museu Paraense Emílio Goeldi, in collaboration with the International Society of Ethnobiology (ISE) and the Brazilian Society of Ethnobiology and Ethnoecology (SBEE).

The first International Congress of Ethnobiology, organized by the Goeldi Museum, was held in Belém in 1988. The event culminated in the Declaration of Belém, a pioneering document that highlighted the connection between traditional peoples and biodiversity, claiming their rights over territories, natural resources and ancestral knowledge.

The event has as its central theme "Belém +30. The Rights of Indigenous Peoples and Traditional Populations and the Conservation of Biodiversity three decades after the Declaration of Belém." The objective of this congress is to reflect on the Declaration of Belém and the field of Ethnobiology over the last thirty years, focusing on scientific, ethical, legal and political advances and challenges related to indigenous peoples and traditional populations and the sustainable use of biodiversity.






Early registration until May 31, 2018
Standard registration until June 15, 2018
Late registration as of June 16, 2018
* NOTE: Participants in these categories should upload proof of their status (student registration, declaration of payment of membership dues) in the indicated field of the online submission system.
** NOTE: Participants from indigenous and traditional societies should upload proof of their status (document or letter from council, federation or other entity)  in the indicated field of the online submission system and await confirmation of registration.

Submissions now CLOSED.

Group discounts available for a limited time.

  • Online submission and registration system 

Submissions for organized sessions and mini-courses/workshops are now closed:

  • Submission results for organized sessions and mini-courses/workshops 


  • April 30, 2018 - Deadline to submit abstracts for individual papers, posters, etc.

  • May 7 - Deadline to submit individual film proposals and book launches (email submission)

  • May 15 - Evaluation of individual submissions posted

  • May 31 - Deadline for discounted "early bird" registration

  • June 15 - Registration deadline for congress participants whose paper/poster was approved


Darrell Posey Prizes for photography and poster contributions

To honor the legacy of Darrell Posey to the International Society and to the discipline of ethnobiology, we will be sponsoring the “Darrell Posey” prize for photography and posters. Photographic entries should be delivered printed in A4 size and also saved on a USB flash drive or SD memory card (we will return the media but not the printed photos) as a JPEG file (up to 1 MB), both included in an envelope with the author’s name, photo date, place and format (B/W or color film, digital) and a caption of no more than 15 words, both on the outside of the envelope and on a printed or typed notecard (10x15cm) inside the envelope. The author’s email and/or mobile phone contact information should be included outside the envelope and on the reverse of the card. Photo entries should be made on the first day of the event (August 7) at the registration desk. Photos will be numbered and displayed at the conference venue and winning photos will be chosen both by a jury and by popular vote on-site. Winning photographs will be announced on the last day of the event. A jury will also evaluate poster contributions and award the best undergraduate, master’s-level, doctorate-level, indigenous/traditional community and professional poster contributions.


Many last-minute changes have been requested by congress participants. Please check the final version of the schedule for date, time and room of your presentation. 

The online submission system also provides updated scheduling for individual abstracts submitted through that platform. Sign in to your profile, open the "Abstract" area, and click on the small calendar icon beside each abstract to view updated date, time, and room schedule for all your submissions. 

ISE 2018 now has over 1500 registered participants from more than 40 countries around the world, including indigenous representatives from all inhabited continents, making it the largest edition by far of both the International Society of Ethnobiology Congress and the Brazilian Society of Ethnobiology and Ethnocology Symposium. We look forward to seeing all of you in Belém!

Congress participants with approved papers, posters or organized sessions should finalize registration and payment by June 15 to guarantee their place in the very full program.

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