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02, 03, 04 e 05 de agosto de 2018


Sapucaia Expeditions is a Brazilian company that operates in the region of Bragança, developing its products from three main references: Gastronomy, Sport and Leisure, Culture. Providing immersions, unique experiences within all the diversity that the Atlantic Amazon offers in particular the “Bragantina” region. A trip where it is possible to know the culture of the region, taste its flavors, know its characteristics, see different communities...experience that leads you to know places and people that the conventional tourist does not access. Come live the real local experience, the Sapucaia Expeditions connects you to the best destinations of the Atlantic Amazon.

CASSAVA’S ROUTE - 5h time - Visit three communities between Bragança and Tracuateua to know the main product: "Manioc - flour of Bragança" and its roots, cassava, curiosities, production, derivatives. A trip where it is possible to get in touch with the local culture of the region, taste different products issue from the local agriculture and get to know the specific production methods involved in the process of the cassava. An experience that leads to know places and people that the conventional tourist does not access, even when it is for a simple meal, allows moments of singular contact with the local culture. The flour, the food takes on a value far greater than that of just food. It plays the role of outlining the relationship of people to the place where they belongs, revealing one of the deepest perspectives through which one can discover a place: that of their gastronomic culture.

Services: Water, guide, foods, bath of igarapé (Amazonian small rivers) and lunch

ARTISANAL FISHING ROUTE - 5h time, in the “fishermen village” in the company of natives, hospitality is on account of the fisherman / local guide, a traditional resident who leads the group on a boat telling the stories and enchantments of the place passing through currais (a fishing trap dating back to imperial days when fishing was a more natural process, without nets & hooks, simply making use of the coming & going of the tides) where tourists can appreciate the traditional traps and techniques used by artisanal fishing in this territory of the Amazon. To get even better a lunch with grilled fish in the heart of the local community will make this time an unforgettable occasion.

Services: Water, guide. Optional: lunch

Additional tours - we are ready to assist you: city tour to the historical center of Bragança, visit to the viewpoint of São Benedito, visit Bacuri Farm for appreciation of manufactured products issue from organic process, etc.


  • Bilingual guide (English and French)

  • Prices from R$100,00 per person, contact us for further information, we are going to adjust your visit time according to your needs.

  • If transport and lodging is need, we can handle both services too.

  • Tours only under reservation with the payment of the reservation fees.

  • Payment method: bank transfer.

Contact: Natascha Penna (91) 9 8897-8191  -WhatsApp  e Glauco Pinheiro 9 9287-2710 .

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